Fenton community raise almost £20,000 to save baptist church


Churchgoers in Fenton have raised almost £20,000 to save their church.

The 123-year-old Fenton Baptist Church needed £40,000 of repairs in order to keep it open after the collapse of its roof.

About a year ago, a joist in the former school room split and the Victoria Road building was condemned.

Architects reviewed the plans and it was found that it would cost nearly as much to demolish the building as it would to restore it.

Church Minister Edward Crompton said: “The important thing about saving the church is that it can be actually used to serve the community.

“We wouldn’t want to be just saving the church as a museum.”

The former Sunday school room is also being refurbished using funding from the Heart of England Baptist Association.

The church members are going to consult the community to see what they would like the room to be used for.

Members of the congregation raised a £10,500 in just one month.

Having seen the outstanding fundraising conducted by the local community, the Heart of England Baptist Association offered to provide the rest of the funds needed if the amount raised could be increased to £15,000.

The community raised £18,500 in total.

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