Staffordshire University’s Student Union ban sale of The Sun in Page 3 protest


Staffordshire University’s Student Union have decided to ban the sale of The Sun newspaper in all shops on campus in a protest against Page 3.

The boycott of the newspaper was raised by the union’s Women’s Forum and was approved by a panel of just five students.

They claim part of the reason for banning the paper is to show support for the national No More Page 3 campaign, which is trying to stop the newspaper showing semi-nude women as it claims the page degrades women.

Mel Ramsay, vice president of the Students Union

Mel Ramsay, vice president of the Students Union

Mel Ramsay, vice president of Staffordshire University Students’ Union said the shops run by them will continue to sell ‘lads’ magazine’ FHM, which also features scantily-clad female models.

She said: “The reason we are boycotting The Sun is because of Page 3.

“When it comes to FHM, obviously they have kind of risqué content but they’re not promoting themselves as a family-friendly magazine, The Sun is.

“As a Union we can decide what we want to sell and it doesn’t comply with our policies, so we’re boycotting it.”

The twenty-three-year-old said that reaction from students has been “positive” and that they didn’t sell many copies of the paper anyway.

But Professor of Journalism and Politics at Staffordshire University, Mick Temple argued that Britain’s top selling newspaper should continue to be sold.

He said: “FHM is far worse when it comes to exploiting women.

“Page 3 is a tiny part of The Sun’s output and I think it’s a shame that any national newspaper should be banned.

“Students are intelligent enough to make up their own minds about whether they want to buy The Sun or not and whether they want to look at Page 3.”

The Sun

The Sun

Media student, Gareth Roberts, 24,  said: “Everyone knows what’s in it, if you don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it.”

Sociology student, Stephanie Gallagher, 20, said: “Everyone at university is old enough to see Page 3 so I think banning it is a bit silly.”

Staffordshire University is one of 36 universities in the UK to make the decision to remove the newspaper from campus shops.

Hear StaffsLive’s full interview with Mick Temple.

Staffordshire University Professor of Journalism and Politics Mick Temple

Additional reporting by Rob Tonkinson


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