Cannock racer Nick Yelloly wants double the noise in Formula 1 engines

Formula 1 engines

Formula 1 engines

Staffordshire racing driver Nick Yelloly has called for the new Formula 1 engines to be twice as loud.

Yelloly, from Cannock, and currently racing in the Formula 1 support series GP3, feels the noise isn’t loud enough to add to the spectacle as it has in previous years.

He told StaffsLive: “For me the actual sound of the engine isn’t too bad.

“What I would like, though, is for the engines to be twice as loud, as especially on the TV you can hardly hear them, and for me that isn’t F1.”

His comments come as the debate in Formula 1 over the noise of the engines has divided fans and the teams.

New 2014 engine regulations have seen teams having to move from the V8 to a V6, which does not rev as high and is therefore quieter.

But a number of people around the F1 paddock, including the reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel, have come out strongly against the new engine.

Yelloly also feels the changes in the engine were a result of necessity and not choice.

“My favourite sounding F1 engine of all time is obviously the V10,” he added.

“But as in everything there is always change and we have to get used to it.”

The solution, according to Yelloly, could come from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

“I think Bernie will have a say and get a better exhaust system to make the cars louder,” he added.

Click HERE to listen to this year’s Formula 1 engines as well as some past examples and let us know your thoughts.

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