Staffordshire University bosses concerned over 10% drop in applications


Staffordshire University bosses said they concerned with a decline in the number of students applying for courses.

There has been decrease in more than 10% in the number of students applying for full time courses.

Latest  figures reveal 16,065 students applied to Staffordshire University or one of its partner colleges in 2013.

This figure has dropped by 1,791 in 2014.

The most recent league tables have ranked Staffordshire University as 113th, it has fallen 5 places since 2013.

Professor Michael Gunn, vice chancellor of Staffordshire University, said he was aware the decline is a growing problem that needs to be dealt with straight away.

He said: “Every league table places us somewhere different.”

“We are not where we should be on either of there tables, we deserve to be higher.”

“We never like seeing a decline , but we are doing all we can to attract new applicants, such as handing  out 10,000 copies of our prospectus to future students.”

Prof Gunn said he did not think the reason for the decline was down to the increase in tuition fees.

He added: “We are one of the only universities to not raise tuition fees to the full £9,000.

“Thanks to radio, cinema, and a brand new modernised website, we are putting Staffordshire University back on the map.”

While Staffordshire  University  is experiencing a decrease in applicants, other universities in the region are showing an increase in applications.

The number of applicants applying for Manchester Metropolitan University rose by  5.2% last year and Keele’s applications increased 1.4%.

Applications to some subjects have dropped significantly.

Mark Webster, programme manager for arts and design at  Staffordshire University, said: “We are down percentage-wise.

“I suppose the important thing for us really is not how many applications we actually get but how many of these prospective students accept our offers and become Staffordshire University students.”

Mel Ramsay, vice president of Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union said: ” “We have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of students enrolling at Staffordshire University, and although this is happening in many institutions across the country, we are definitely feeling the pinch.”

“As a union, we have been continually pushing for a better student experience.”


Additional reporting by Charlotte Jones



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