Newcastle-under-Lyme youngster Robert Stubbs on track to be superkart star


Superkarting starlet Robert Stubbs  is leading the way for all youngsters looking for a taste of driving action.

Robert first had the chance to get behind the wheel at the age of 17, whist attending Newcastle-under-Lyme College.

Robert, who is from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, completed a simple theory and practical test at Darley Moor circuit which granted him his racing licence.

Now 19,  he competes in the 125cc class, and earned his reputation as a tough competitor on famous tracks such as Silverstone, Donnington and Oulton Park.

“I was inspired from a young age, as I would go to Cornwall for camping holidays with my family and used to go go karting,” he said

“Words simply cannot describe what Superkarting is like. It’s being one inch off the ground doing around 125 mph with six gears at your disposal. Racing around some of the greatest circuits in England is simply breathtaking.”

Robert’s love of speed and thrills does not come cheap however, with him needing to work long evening shifts at the Holiday Inn Stoke-On-Trent, in order to match the £8,000 bill he pays in kart maintenance and race entries every year .

This is in addition to his studies for a degree in Sport Science at Liverpool’s John Moore’s University.

“Cheap doesn’t come under the motorsport category!  I have to pay for my racing in the British Superkart Championships completely independently, and it can be extremely difficult to get enough money to afford to race competitively. I work at the Holiday Inn as a part time waiter/barman.”

Robert achieved top ten finishes during the 2013 British Championships, but does admit that further progression could be hindered because of a lack of sponsorship and financial backing.

“It would be a real struggle to move any higher up the grid with my current financial situation.

“Any kind of sponsorship, small or large would be incredible for me. They would be able to advertise their company’s logo on my kart,” he said.

Robert concedes that a huge proportion of his success is down to his father David Stubbs, who sacrifices a large amount of his time towards his son’s ambitions: “I owe everything to my dad. He drives me to race meetings, helps where possible with mechanics of the kart, and is always on kettle duty. This of course is the most important!”


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