Staffordshire University students’ union warns against ‘dangerous’ NekNomination craze

Dayo Odubonojo

Dayo Odubonojo – Student Union Vice President

Staffordshire University students have been warned against taking part in the Neknomination online drinking game after the students’ union branded it ‘dangerous.’

The stunt, believed to have originated in Australia involves posting a video on Facebook of someone downing large amounts of drink in an extreme manner and then nominating others to do the same within 24 hours.

They then use the #neknominate hashtag and tag their friend in the video.

Jonny Byrne, 19, from Leighlinbridge drowned after taking part in a video which involved him ‘necking’ his drink then plunging into a freezing cold river.

Isaac Richardson, 20, died after he was supposedly dared to drink a concoction of alcohol.

Another death, believed to have taken place following a NekNomination was Stephen Brooks, 29, from Cardiff.

Some NekNomination videos have shown participants taking part in increasingly bizarre and dangerous games, from drinking high quantities of alcohol to drinking concoctions containing goldfish.

Emails have been sent out by the Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union to members of clubs and societies to warn them against taking part in NekNominations.

Members of the university’s sports teams were told that taking part could lead to them being disciplined.

The students’ union has advised students to not take part and backed getting involved in NiceNominations, in which recipients of a NekNomination will carry out a good deed instead of downing a drink.

Dayo Odubonojo, vice president of Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union said: “The university has acted to make sure that we are not involved in these kind of games.

“The union sent out emails to make sure that Staffordshire students weren’t taking part in such a dangerous game.

“Follow what everyone else is doing whilst trying to encourage a positive message like doing a good deed out on Youtube instead of doing these other challenges.”

Jackson Lord, 21, captain of Staffordshire University’s lacrosse team, said he has told his team members to be sensible.

He added: “I know that it’s something that’s always going to happen, especially in the sports teams around the uni and I have told my team to be responsible.

“If I see anything stupid, I will have to punish it. I’ve just got to have faith in the players to stay responsible.”

Additional reporting by James McDougall



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