Nantwich Town boss Danny Johnson shocked by match-fixing allegations


Nantwich Town manager Danny Johnson spoke of his shock after seven people were arrested over allegations of match fixing in non-league football.

Two men have been charged with match fixing and appeared before Cannock magistrates.

Five other men, including three current players, have been arrested in connection with the inquiry by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Dabbers boss Johnson said it was “sad” for the game, and is shocked how alleged match-fixing has filtered into non-league football.

“And it is sad for the people who love the game,” he added.

“I have been involved in non-league football for 15 years and I have never once been approached to fix a match.

“I have never heard or seen anything in our level like this before.

“This is the last thing that we need, it turning into a farce because, it is such as special game.

“Lots of people love this game and it will be a shame for this to make a mockery of the game.”

Johnson believes anyone convicted should be given the highest punishment possible, either custodial sentences or large fines.

“I don’t know how they got into non-league football. I don’t know what goes on and why they want to get into non-league football.

“I think there are human beings out there in football or in business and people out there who are prepared to do what it takes to make a quick buck, whether in non-league or professional football.

“There are people to do this then the quick buck doubles and then trebles and soon they are up to their eyes in money from it.

“It’s not just football, it is people from all walks of life who do this.”

He feels the match-fixing scandal could potentially damage the name of non-league football and it could see people losing trust and interest in the sport.

“I think it can regain the reputation. It is the old saying “today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s chip papers” and hopefully that is the case,” he added.


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