Storm causes rail chaos across Staffordshire


stoke-on-trent railway stationThe worst storm to hit the UK for years left thousands of rail passengers across Staffordshire and Cheshire stranded.

Many routes in and out of London were badly hit as the storm brought down trees, power lines and left tracks covered in debris and flood water.

Virgin Trains services between Stoke-on-Trent and London Euston and Crewe to London were hit.

Many services were cancelled earlier today (October 28) during the height of the storm in the southern counties.

It had a knock on effect with delays to other journeys.

Dan Morris, 21, who works at Stoke railway station, said: “It is really unreliable and you just can’t rely on trains.

“I normally drive but I’d been advised not to so for once I listened and I get the train and mine’s cancelled.

“Everybody is in the same boat and we understand there will be problems but there has to be a back up in place.

“If trains were reliable I would not drive as much but I can’t take that risk.”

Lydia Jones, a commuter from Staffordshire University, aged 19, said: “I was getting a train to Stoke from Coventry and it took an hour and a half extra.

“I have other friends who go to Staffordshire University and they aren’t even bothering getting in. I’m going to be late now for my lecture but trains are so unreliable.

“The winter in particular is the hardest time because they never work and there’s always problems.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “As of 2pm all train services through Stoke-on-Trent were back to normal.”

Despite heavy rainfall, the road network in Staffordshire remained largely unaffected by the storm.

(Additional reporting with Jonathan Mees)


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