Stoke City Council saves Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre

(photo belongs to Lee J Haywood)

Stanley Head Outdoors Education Centre retains council funding

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has saved the troubled Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre.

The centre, which works with both disabled and disengaged children, has been struggling financially after the council ploughed £1.2 million in to its future.

Plans to sell the centre in Stanley had been under discussion for two years.

But using social media and marketing in schools, they have secured £286,000 in additional bookings.

Now the council has agreed to keep it open, with a warning from Council leader Mohammed Pervez that groups need to “use it or lose it”.

“My main concern is that I don’t want to revisit this again,” he said at last night’s (April 25) Cabinet meeting.

Some councillors suggested the centre should extend its client base to ‘team building’ days to secure itself financially.

Cllr Pervez added: “The staff should be given more freedom to be innovative.”

The demand for the centre to remain open comes from school users.

Sharon May, from Packmoor Primary School, said: “The opportunities offered at Stanley Head can be more effective than classroom-based learning in developing the whole child.”

Cllr Gwen Hassall added: “We may not have turned it around yet but we’re on our way and the staff deserve congratulating, but we can’t take our eye off the ball.”


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