Staffordshire record label’s showcase night at Stafford coffee shop

The Number 15 cafe in Stafford

The Number 15 cafe in Stafford

Staffordshire-based record label Assorted Records is to stage an acoustic night in a coffee shop to showcase new and emerging talent.

The event at the Number 15 coffee shop in Stafford will feature performers such as Emily Heath, Laura Poppitt, Jason Callear, Jim Yalom and Tammy Davis.

It will take place on March 16 from 7:30pm, and will be the first night held at the venue this year, with the last being in December of 2012.

Assorted Records have held various music nights there over the past year and a half, with different artists playing at each night.

Jason Callear is an established guitarist, vocalist and drummer and has been in many rock and punk bands, but has now decided to focus on becoming a solo artist in the alternative/acoustic genre.

Tammy Davis is a University of Birmingham graduate. She has described herself as a bit of a wallflower: “Afraid of the spotlight, Tammy has hidden her love for writing and composing songs since she was in her early teens.”

Jason and Tammy are both signed to the Assorted Records label, owned and run by Staffordshire University graduate Peter Roch.

He said: “We always have a great deal of interest in the music nights at Number 15, from new converts to the hardcore regulars.

“We have had great feedback from people in the past, so it should be a brilliant night.

“They tend to be once every couple of months; there’s not really a set amount of time. We try to space them out to keep it interesting. If we did them every fortnight or month it would overkill it a bit, so we try to keep them fresh.

“We sometimes do multiple acoustic nights and jazz/blues nights as well. There will definitely be many more in the future!”

Andy Goddard is a singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton who played at the acoustic nights last year.

He said: “I know Pete through a friend I used to be in a band with.

“We played an acoustic set for him one time, and then Pete offered me the solo gig off the back of that. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again.”

You can here Tammy Davis music here:

For more information, check their Facebook page at:


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