Work begins on new bus station development in Hanley


By Jodi Law: Work has begun on the new bus station in Hanley.

The start of work on the foundations today (January 30) marks the beginning of the £350m regeneration of the area, which will also include a new shopping centre and leisure complex.

Councillors Mohammed Pervez and Ruth Rosenau

Councillors Mohammed Pervez and Ruth Rosenau

Councillor Ruth Rosenau, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “It’s a really important start to the whole regenration of the area.

“This is the kickstart for the £350m worth of investment in this part of the city -and the bus station will be the catalyst to City Sentral.”

She added they hope the development will bring in “lots of new jobs, opportunities and shops”.

Gerry Daley project manager for Vinci Construction told StaffsLive: “We’ve got a  time lapse camera that’s being positioned from Victoria Hall which will go up this week, so you’ll be able to see from the beginning of this project all the way to its completion.”

He also said that they hope to employ local people on the project:

Once the foundations are complete, building work will begin in the Spring on the  accommodation for the bus drivers, before work starts on creating the station’s main concourse.



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