Stoke Potters land speedway track of the year award


By Ryan Guest: Stoke Potters’ Loomer Road home has been named National League track of the year.

The award is decided by the Speedway Control Bureau after referees award points on a number of criteria.

Track preparation, quality of racing and minimal amount of dust are just some of the categories that have helped the Potters’ track come out top for the 2011 season.

Stoke promoter Dave Tattum was delighted with the award. He said: “We always attempt to give the riders a good racing surface and we look to provide the supporters with some good racing as well as a winning team.

“It’s a credit to to former rider and ex-team manager Nigel Crabtree and the rest of the track staff who put in many hours of work behind the scenes in order to provide a good track.

“This award is for them and they thoroughly deserve the recognition they have got this year. This award obviously shows we must be doing something right.”


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