Pupils plant 4,500 bulbs to brighten Burslem Park


Pupils from St Margaret’s Ward

By Raj Gill & Rochelle Owusu- Antwi: Pupils from Stoke-on-Trent schools have been unleashing their inner gardeners as part of a £2m restoration project.

Schools will be going green and helping to add a splash of colour to Burslem Park by planting 4,500 bulbs over the next few weeks.

Each day for the next two weeks schoolchildren from Mill Hill Primary, St Margaret’s Ward, Jackfield Infant School and Moorpark Infant School will take it in turns to plant bulbs in time for the new year.

Pupils at St Margaret’s Ward School study an ‘eco curriculum’ module dedicated to making youngsters more aware of the planet.

Children who demonstrated strong enthusiasm for the environment were picked for the planting.

One pupil collected 800 bottle tops while litter picking to create a piece of recyclable art.

Teacher at St Margaret’s Ward Nikki Allen has been impressed with the children pitching in and their effort.

Mrs Allen said: “It’s been a good day and I think it’s been really well organised; I wasn’t expecting it to be this big.”

Pupil Cody Lear, 11, said: “I think it’s quite eco-friendly because we’re planting things for the future so everyone can see what we’ve done.

“We wanted to join in with planting so the park will all look really pretty when it’s finished.”

Chloe Goodwin, 11, said: “At the moment the park looks a bit damaged so we’re trying to make it look better and decorate it more. It’s good because we’re helping the community.”

The park’s Urban Ranger Tom Pine has been the main organiser approaching local schools and recruiting children to help.

He said: “One of the ways of getting the community involved alongside the volunteers that we have working in the park day-to-day was to get schools involved.

“It encourages all the kids to get involved and when they come back next year they can point to something and say: ‘actually that’s mine.’They’re all getting a little piece of the restoration.”

Click below for pictures of St Margaret’s Ward pupils restoring Burslem Park:


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